Our services include, but are not limited to:

Stencils - We have a wide variety of stencils to choose from, and our inventory is only going to get bigger. However, at this time we do not do custom stencils. 

Custom sneakers - Weather it's just changing the colorway, or completely customizing the whole sneaker, we got you covered. However, if for some reason we cannot do your custom, we will recommend another customizer. 


Custom apparel - From shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatpants and jackets, we will bring you a fresh new brand to rock with.

Most of your sneaker custom needs - We got you covered from your cleanings, prep work, dye, paint work, accessories, down to your soles. We can help make your yellow soles white again.

Mugs - From fun sayings, to serious ones, we add flair to your mugs for any occasion.

Glass etching - We take ordinary glass bottles, or wine glasses and turn them into your own personalized message. Weather it's for personal use, or for an event, we got you covered.