About us

Yes, we are a brand new business, but we have been doing customs for about 6 years now. When we first started working on sneakers, it was just to restore, and make our own colorways on the sneakers we already had.

As we started looking on good'ole YouTube for tips and ideas, that's when we realized how many people were actually into customs. We still didn't think of starting any kind of custom business, it was all about restoring and customizing our own sneakers.

It wasn't until we started showing off our work, that we started getting request for customs. That's when we finally thought about trying to start a legitimate business out of it. However, we didn't want to jump in blindly, it was all about the research.

We wanted something that would make our customers keep coming back and stay with us, all while being proud to show off their customs. Customer satisfaction is without a doubt our number 1 priority. We look forward to satisfying your custom needs.